Quick Slicks DF158F (Firm) Silicone Tires


Quick Slicks DF158F (Firm) Silicone Tires

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Quick Slicks DF158F (Firm) Silicone Tires

Quick Slicks DF158F tires are designed for select NSR and Sideways 16mm and 17mm double-flanged wheels listed below that typically use tires with a small air gap between the wheel flanges.  These tires feature an exclusive design that completely fills the gap between the flanges.

  • NSR NSR5002 (16x8mm) Wheels
  • NSR NSR5004 (17x10mm) Wheels
  • NSR NSR5015 (16x10mm) Wheels
  • NSR NSR5016 (16x10mm) Wheels
  • Sideways SWW-GTA-MG (17.3x10mm) Wheels
  • Sideways SWW-GTA (17.3x10mm) Wheels

These tires feature realistic rounded outer sidewalls and a rounded profile where the inner sidewall meets the contact patch. The rounded profile helps improve cornering performance. Multiple silicone compounds are available – this is the FIRM compound (part number: DF158F).


Outer Diameter (O.D.): .809″ (20.55mm)

Width (Contact Patch): .406″ (10.30mm)

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